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The Blue Bike Chronicles, the new solo project by Karen K, is here! Blue Bike is a heartwarming collection of original and cover songs that blend the experiences of Karen's eight-year-old daughter with her own experiences as a pre-tween growing up in the 1970s, and a parent in today's world.   

“A pop masterpiece”…Easily rivals the best of any Disney theme music”… Rebecca Yorn Alison, Kids Can Groove

"The air-tight first single 'Without You' is what Taylor Swift would sound like if she had a 2nd grader who wanted to break free from school to to hang with mom." Jeff Bogle, Red Tricycle

"With a vision slyly subversive yet brimming with positivity, the album, in a quilted patchwork of guest appearances and genre styles, redefines family connection in a constantly changing, modern world. Fun, funny, touching, and beautiful -- this album is testament to a gifted songwriter with a genuine and important American voice.” C.J. Pizarro, of Los Angeles based Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips