“Spiky, power-pop sheen…fun for the whole family.” -The Boston Globe, Top 15 Must See Acts 

"A pop masterpiece...easily rivals the best of any Disney theme music." -Rebecca Yorn Alison, Kids Can Groove (Blue Bike Chronicles) 

“The air-tight first single Without You is what Taylor Swift would sound like if she had a 2nd grader who wanted to break free from school to hang with mom.” -Jeff Bogle, Huffington Post Parents (Blue Bike Chronicles) 

Best of New York, New York Magazine 

Good Housekeeping Magazine, “15+ Awesome Kids' Songs For When You Can't Hear  ‘Baby Shark’ One More Time” (Without You, Blue Bike Chronicles) 

Critics’ Pick, Time Out New York Kids 

"Cousin Party…turns up the music full Nashville…Good, poppy stuff all around.” -Stefan Shepard, Zooglobble 

“You’ll find yourself singing and dancing along without even trying!” -Mommy Poppins 

“Rainbow, by Karen K and Mista Cookie Jar, has been created to jumpstart a dialogue in this diverse world that we live in, and that children will grow with. If music can help sooth the soul, then these songsters are here to do it.” –Gregory Allen, Broadway World 

“Get ready for a good time!” –The Patch 

“There’s so much heart in this series.  Kalafatas poignantly reinforces how young minds connect emotionally with the world…and creates a gentle weaving of perspectives from childhood to parenthood and back again.” -Rebecca Yorn Alison, Kids Can Groove (Blue Bike Chronicles) 

“Pure pop confection.” –Stefan Shepard, Zooglobble (Spring Day, Blue Bike Chronicles) 

“(Rainbow) will up the ante on the political, world-changing capabilities of kindie music, essentially retesting the waters to see if kid’s music can indeed change the world in the 21st century.” -Jeff Bogle, Red Tricycle (Rainbow by Karen K & Mista Cookie Jar, Blue Bike Chronicles) 

“Thank you, Karen K, for producing an album that kids and the parents will both enjoy!” – National iTunes customer 

Even on a warm summer-ish day like this, it’s still a Spring Day! -Kathy O’Connell, Host of WXPN Kids Corner

"Blue Bike Chronicles is a collection of carefully crafted anthems and ballads that capture pristine moments of childhood and child rearing in America. With a vision slyly subversive yet brimming with positivity, the album, in a quilted patchwork of guest appearances and genre styles, redefines family connection in a constantly changing, modern world. Fun, funny, touching, and beautiful -- this album is testament to a gifted songwriter with a genuine and important American voice.” -C.J. Pizarro, of Los Angeles-based Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips 

“Kiddie Queen!” –The Brooklyn Paper